Being a Pakistani is their only Crime ! [ Exclusive Pictures ]

Onlookers examine the motorbike of two boys who were allegedly shot and killed as they tried to rob a U.S. official in Lahore.

Image: People look at blood stains at a roadside in Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistani police escort US national Raymond Davis (centre) to a court in Lahore on 28 January 2011

Pakistani police escorts arrested US national Raymond Davis (C) to a court in Lahore on January 28, 2011. An American man was being held at a Pakistan police station on double murder charges, police said, a day after he shot dead two men on a motorcycle in what he said was self-defence.

Policeman beside the car of the attacked US consular worker

People protest outside a police station following the killing of two men in Lahore, Pakistan on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011. A U.S. consular employee shot and killed two gunmen as they approached his vehicle in a congested street in Pakistan on Thursday, police said. A pedestrian was also killed by a speeding American car trying to help, an officer said. A placard reads "Americans are dogs."

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