Story of Shahadat | Captain Bilal Zafar Abbasi Shaheed

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Captain Bilal Zafar Abbasi Shaheed

Sitara e Bisalat

42 Baloch Regiment, SSG

Operation Rah e Rast Swat.

Capt Bilal Zafar Abbasi shaheed S/O, Captain ( R ) Zafar Tajammul Abbasi.
A Valiant Son of 42 Baloch Regiment Al Havi was born on 2nd feb1982 in Rawalpindi.

He got his early education from St Paul’s Cambridge School and Govt Post Graduate College Satellite Town Rawalpindi.

Highly motivated from his forefathers and inspired by Patriotism, he joined Pakistan Army in 2001. Performance of Capt Bilal remained exemplary during his trg and passed out as Battalion Junior Under Officer (BJUO). Capt Bilal joined 42 Baloch Regiment on 12 Oct 2003. Capt Bilal participated in Op Al – Mizan, United Nation Operation In Cote De Ivoire, and Op Rah-e-Rast and has been awarded with Imtiazi Sanad for his valor and various operations.

SSG commando, who embraced SHAHADAT on 17th May 2009 in Peochar Valley, Swat.

Captain Bilal Shaheed told his best friend and his room mate, Captain Raheel  that Bilal would be a Shaheed and Raheel is a Ghazi. He said so on night of 15 May 2009 while he was preparing for his most exigent task in high mountains of Peochar valley. Captain Raheel’s eyes often get filled with tears but still he maintains a soldierly composure and pride while narrating the proceedings of the last night. Captain Bilal Shaheed, who was just back from a successful operation in Buner On 5 MAY 2009, got the message from his commanding officer that he had been earmarked for a difficult task in Peochar valley (Operation Jahanbaz).

It was important for Special Services Group (SSG) to open Swat – Peochar road which was essential for their further operational sustenance. It was crucial to capture Ghuzano Sar Top (now Bilal Top) for the success of entire operation. Previous efforts to capture this Top could not succeed. Captain Bilal Shaheed very happily received this warning order and got busy in preparations alongwith his company commander and fellow officer; both were also picked for this operation. While preparing very minutely for the mission, he also kept taking with Captain Raheel.
He told Raheel to personally go to his home and inform his mother in case he meets Shahadat.

He also told him to lead his Janaza prayer.
Captain Bilal, while tying up his backpack, also told Raheel that his dead body should be shrouded in Pakistani flag. He should be buried with full military honour and ceremony. Later he also packed his all belongings in the room. Surely Bilal knew about the golden tomorrow which would place him on high pedestal reserved for those who sacrifice their lives for the safety and security of their motherland. In the spell of those unique moments and out of his sheer love for Pakistan Army, Bilal sent a message to Captain Raheel from his cellular phone. He told him to read it once he had gone for the mission.

The message circulated among all cellular phone holders in Pakistan like a fire reads,

“ In da Roars Of Bullets __ in da thunder of bombs __ There are a few who just don't stop __ knowing dat dey r surrounded by death __  knowing dat dey could leave their wives widow nd children " DEATH B4 DISGRACE PAK ARMY!ZINDABAD!!! "
 Time: 00:35 o'clock 16th of May 2009

On 17 May 2009, Capt Bilal was assigned the task to clear & capture Ghuzanosar Ridge in Peochar valley, an imp feature of paramount imp for further progress of operation. Despite stiff resistance and highly difficult terrain, Capt Bilal along with his combat team advanced and contacted the miscreants and cleared the bunkers. Capt Bilal after accomplishing his assigned task decided to move forward and clear next position. Miscreants after loosing their first position were offering stiff resistance and not allowing Capt Bilal to move forward. Capt Bilal promptly reacted to every situation and while leading from the front was hit by a rocket on his chest and embraced Shahadat, an ultimate desire of any soldier, at the spot.
He always used to say that bullets can never harm me, and that was true. He got a direct hit from a rocket propeller grenade (RPG) and then embraced shahadat.
Capt Bilal was a kind hearted and pious man. He always enjoyed the love and affection of his senior commands and under commands. He was an obedient and disciplined officer.

He was posthumously awarded Sitara e Bisalat.

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