Syria Reported to be Shutting Internet Down After Revolt

With social wildfire that has gone from Tunis to Algeria to Libya and now into Egypt, other countries in the Middle East must be feeling a bit of pressure. To ensure that revolts don’t break out, Syria is reported to have shut down the Internet in their country as well as what Egypt did earlier today.
Syria is definitely a country that could promote a rebellion. It is one of the actual tyrants in the Middle East where people have no rights, a smart, young population and a general fear of the Internet.
Despite these reports, Reuters claims that Internet hasn’t been blocked at the ISP level. Instead, what Syria has done is tightened its Internet rules. They’ve banned programs like eBuddy and Nimbuzz which allow Facebook chat on mobile phones.
However, there are some people in the country who are still obviously talking to people still on Facebook.
This has some believing that Syria is beginning to cut the Internet, but hasn’t completed the job yet. In other words, they are beginning to remove programs from their servers and make it near impossible to use the Internet.
With so many countries revolting in the Arab world, it is anticipated that these countries will do things. However, how the people are going to respond to having even more of their rights restricted is unsure.
As David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer said to the New York Times, the Internet is “a fundamental right, and it’s very sad if it’s denied to citizens of Egypt or any country.”
He might just be right.
Another point to be noted is that if this revolt bring any change in climate on that region that can directly effect the situation of Gaza illegal siege or may result in end of Gaza, illegal siege - INSHALLAH !

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