Tribute Post: Capt Raja Najam Riaz Shaheed -- True Patriot, Muslim & Hero of Pakistan !

Tribute Post: True Patriot, Muslim & Hero of Pakistan !

Capt Raja Najam Riaz Shaheed
Tamgha E Bisalat

SSG -- Operation Rah e Rast

Capt Najam Riaz Shaheed along-with Capt Junaid Shaheed also a special services group captain and two soldiers on a special task were covertly operating in the Malakand district.They moved out from the Khawzakhela camp but just as they moved further they were surrounded by the Taliban commander Khitaab but they didn't retaliated as per the so called Nizam-e- Adal Peace agreement.Taliban took advantage of it and took them along,later made them prisoners.

The family of the shaheed told the heroic tale of these four detained SSG commandos who had refused to die without putting any resistance, once they came to know that the NWFP government would not take any interest in their release. The visit of the former official of Malakand to Taliban asking them just to return the weapons and keep the captives had made them understand what was in store. The only way left with these brave soldiers was to fight back and should not give up. As their captors got the message from their top leadership to eliminate the SSG commandos, the preparation started to tighten them with rope so they could be beheaded. But as the captors came close to them in the room where they were detained, these commandos suddenly jumped at the eight Taliban. Within seconds, the commandos broke their necks. But two Taliban guards standing outside rushed inside and sprayed them with Kalashnikov bullets, which led to their instant martyrdom. “We are proud of our commandos that they did not die like cowards. They fought back and killed 8 Taliban as they went down fighting like real heroes,later on they were beheaded, one of the family members of the captain Najam said.He was 24 years old.He was awarded Tamgha e Bisalat posthumously.