Prove India v.s England Cricket Match was fixed !

Shane warn Predicted before & during the match that it is going to be a tie !
Who is Shane warn ?

For sure, he's not the owner of the famous octopus... How did he know about it ?
Answer: He's running or some how connected to betting website

 Shane Warne 

Can't believe my prediction 7/8 hours ago was right - tie !! Classic, didn't think it would happen but hey-not bad !!!! 2011-my year ! Lol
 Shane Warne 

Before u think there was something untoward re prediction of a tie, thought it was going to be a cracker-tie was tongue in cheek-but right

Where is ICC ?? Sleeping ! They only wake to de-moralize Pakistan. 
Insha'allah this world cup is our !

Dream Pakistan | Maha Khan

*Just praying for changing
starving for truth,
closer to where i started
chasing after YOU* 

I used to Open my diary and find YOU right there,
Smilingly for long, i stared,
YOU  were quite intact and safe
Then to look around i dared.

 YOU and home were quite peaceful
and i was glad
What a person wants else
Seeing these both loved things never sad :)

 Life was happy and contented,
In my prayers, i had nothing to ask for
Allah blessed me with all,
and i was not craving for more :)

 Then one day I 'finally' woke up
and found my dream completely shattered,
YOU were not well
and no other happiness mattered

 I was crying,
din know what to do.
I wanted YOU back
Just the way I had YOU

 Some people around calm me
and say that  YOU will be fine,
I don know anything else but
I want reality of dream of mine.

 Cannot see YOU this way,
Cannot bear this at all.
Without YOU, i cannot survive 
and ultimately i would fall.

 Cannot YOU be back to me?
The thing is i need YOU badly
YOU are my life
and i love YOU madly

 Opening my diary still brings me back to YOU,
But that sketch now seems laughing to me
It makes fun of me and says
See the reality girl!! See!!

 YOU are not safe 
and it kills me inside.
Fake smile is something i carry,
My inner self is having a fight

 Still I don speak a word in my prayer as before,
But now smiles are dominated by tears.
Beautiful thoughts are vanished and
My peaceful sleep is supressed by my new fears.

 That beautiful picture of peace in YOU 
is no longer visible to me
People criticize YOU for being unstable
and say that YOUr placid version did flee

 Don tell me it's true, I don wanna listen
I was mad living in a fantasy?
No no no no no
YOU are born to win, and YOU will get YOUr destiny

 I trust YOU but now the time is ,
to make myself able to be trusted by YOU.
I promise i will never repeat my mistakes
I am aware to reality now and the needed, i would do

 My PAKISTAN !! You are all i have 
You know you are the best.
I had many flaws and maybe,
I don deserve you more or less :/

 I won't criticize you for all this,
because this is not Real you.
You are the sign of Islam , the peace
And i love you for being you

 I am sorry for everytime I ignored
That was atracious, I was bad
Sorry for all my mistakes,
But now i promise one day, i will make u glad

Written By Maha Khan                                       

Amazing Pakistan | First taxi driver to write a book !

A Pakistani Taxi driver Asif Hussain Shah who drives his cab mainly in Rawalpindi/Islamabad and is citizen of Rawalpindi is the person who thought out of box and written a book. His book is named ‘For Hire’, the book is based on his daily experiences while driving his taxi, mostly based on experiences and thoughts he heard from passengers who traveled in his taxi.

Picture shot of Asif hussain Shah's taxi in Blue Area Islamabad
Asif Hussain Shah not only wrote the book, he gone one step further, he used his cab as a moving bill board to advertise his book. He used the space on sides and behind his taxi to attract more buyers of his book and spread the word about himself. The painted ads on his taxi mention his book ‘for hire’ and they also tell people to search Asif Hussain Shah on Google. Though he himself don’t have any official website for himself but relies on what other people post about him on internet.

This tactic of painting ads which ask people to search about him on internet make more and more popular with more and more people taking his taxi’s pictures and uploading them on to internet. Same ads given him the media coverage as few TV channels have also covered him.
His idea of online marketing, by an offline ad and no official website to date, worked like charm and now you will find thousands of online posts covering him and his book. Not only this as he travels around more and more people take pictures of his taxi and put them online.
Asif hussain shah wrote his book ‘For Hire’ not only to have separate source of income but also to preach the good values of Islam, he points out lots of issues in this Pakistani society and how to cope with them. Following is a video captured by a TV Channel which features Asif Hussain Shah and provides his thoughts about the book. The video content consists of both English and Urdu language.
Asif Hussain’s book was the first book in Pakistan which is written by a taxi driver in Pakistan or even first in Pakistan by a person who is in a non-intellectual profession to earn his living. He proved this that anyone can write his daily experience and share them in form of a book no matter he/she belongs to which profession.
Asif hussain shah, as shown in above video still have not stopped writing, he continues to drive his taxi and continues to write while dropping the passengers on desired places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
If you decide to read Asif Hussain Shah’s book ‘For Hire’, I will recommend that you buy it other than downloading from Internet, so he gets his share which he deserves very much.

Revolt Pictures | From Libya ( Must Watch )

All photographs taken Feb. 23, 2011, by David Degner for The Wall Street Journal

In Baida, as in many cities in Libya’s east, flags flew from the era before Gadhafi Wednesday. The days-long fight for Baida began in the first days of anti-Gadhafi protests last week.

Wednesday, a day after the last forces loyal to Col. Gadhafi in eastern Libya were defeated, Baida’s elders met in the town’s assembly hall to begin rebuilding.

Police, witnesses say, initially clashed with protesters in Baida using tear gas and other non-lethal methods. When protests swelled, Col. Gadhafi’s government ordered in reinforcements. Here, anti-Gadhafi protesters demonstrated outside city hall Wednesday.

Local police turned on the soldiers after the soldiers opened fire on unarmed civilians. The government forces retreated to Al Abrak Airport, outside of town. Townsmen followed and laid siege to the airport. Here, the remains of a battle are scattered in the terminal.

Baida’s airport, the site of some of the fiercest fighting of the uprising in eastern Libya. For four days, rebels battled forces loyal to Col. Gadhafi and commanded by one of his sons.

Spent bullet casings litter the ground at Al Abrak airport in eastern Libya.

After days of firefights, feints and an ambush on unarmed local sheiks, the regime forces surrendered their hold on the vital local airport Tuesday morning.

Evidence of previous days’ fighting at Al Abrak airport.

Ad hoc local forces—who, like citizens across eastern Libya, became heavily armed as entire army units joined forces with locals and police stations were abandoned—fought off government troops.

Witnesses say locals countered the government helicopters with anti-aircraft machine guns and Kalashnikovs.

Here, civilians displayed the guns and ammunition that they claim to have taken from mercenary soldiers in a fight.

A key challenge facing elders in Baida now is how to rein in the revolutionary zeal of the region’s youth, who are charged with emotion after several days of violent battle culminating in an historic victory.

Wednesday, Masouda al-Alamy, a distinguished professor of animal science at the city’s Omar Mukhtar University, called the meeting of elders to order. “Today, we meet and can speak freely for the first time,” she said. Here, Sheikh Mohamad Darnawi, right, spoke.

Local notables, including tribal sheikhs, university professors and prominent businessmen, met in a domed town meeting hall ringed with green plush seats.

The top items on the agenda at Wednesday’s meeting included forming committees to take charge of security, food and fuel distribution, reopening schools, and collecting weapons pillaged during the protests.

Recently resigned Minister of Justice Mustapha Mohammed Abdul Jalil was given a position of prominence on the dais at Wednesday’s meeting.

Prisoners, who say they are Libyans from Sabah, Tripoli, and Fazan were captured in fighting against anti-Gadhafi forces.

These captured pro-Gadhafi fighters told the photographer they were from Chad, seeming to confirm previous reports that Col. Gadhafi has employed foreign fighters to swell the ranks of his army and put down the uprising against his rule.

A young doctor in Baida hospital shares images he recorded on his cell phone of the dead and wounded from the previous days’ fighting. According to the head of the hospital 63 people died during the uprising and hundreds were wounded, overwhelming this 100 bed regional hospital.

Wounded Libyans recover in Baida hospital.

A view looking out across eastern Libya.

Snowfall in Lahore, Pakistan | Beauty of Pakistan

--- Video ---

ISI Started Crack-down on Suspicious People [ ISI vs CIA ]


Law enforcement agencies on Friday took into custody a US citizen from Peshawar for having incomplete travel documents.
Official sources told Express 24/7 that they have detained an American citizen as he did not have complete travel documents.
The officials said the US citizen’s passport had expired in October 2010.
He has been shifted to an undisclosed location.
Foreign nationals with diplomatic immunity
There are 2,570 officials from 78 countries having diplomatic immunity in Pakistan, while 55 officials do not have immunity.
This was revealed by State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar,who presented a list of foreign nationals enjoying diplomatic immunity in the National Assembly.
She said that the US has 851 officials in Pakistan and 54 of them do not have diplomatic immunity. Khar also said that the US had the largest number of officials with diplomatic immunity in the country.

Political Clown as Culture Minister | Challenged the whole history of aeroplane !

Now Ms Paleejo says in a Sindh government handout that she has constituted two different teams of experts of the Culture department to ascertain the facts and figures about the historical “headstone” of an aeroplane that is  believed to be two centuries old.
The aeroplane has been found in Jharak.
By all respects, this news should be of international significance given that the Wright brothers flew their first flight in 1903.
Either that, or possibly Ms Paleejo needs to sack her PR staff for what can best be described as one of the most poorly written press releases seen by the media in recent times.
The press official has translated the Urdu word “jahaz” into aeroplane, not realising that the correct translation would be ship or steamboat to be precise.
The news about the ship appeared in this paper on Saturday.
The ship was found a kilometre away from the Raju Nizamanai village of Union Council Jharak. It has two decks and is 100 feet long, 40 feet wide and 20 feet high. The upper part, which is around five to six feet high, can be seen from a considerable distance. The remaining part is buried in mud.

Story of 18 year old Temseela with no hands but courage | "Hard work and courage taught me everything."

For 18-year-old Tamseela, having no hands was only the first of many hurdles. The tenth grader, who was born disabled, is the fourth out of seven siblings, and lives with her family in the Nawagai area of Barikot Tehsil in Swat.
In an already patriarchal society, the birth of a daughter with no hands was a double blow for her parents. But Tamseela never regarded herself as disabled, just differently-abled.
“One should not treat disability as one’s weakness, for that is the way God wished to create them.”
Nawagai Village comprises some 1,000 households and is located two kilometres away from Barikot near Buner district. The sole girls’ primary school in the village was shut down once the Taliban took over the valley.
The only boys’ middle school was blasted in 2008.
None of this fazed Tamseela though, as she continued her education and even managed to secure distinguished positions in her class.
Her feet are her hands. Writing is not a problem for her. “So what if I have no hands, I can do it with my toes,” she said, adding, “Hard work and courage taught me everything.”
She even types with her feet. “I can operate a computer with my feet quite easily, but I am not an expert as I do not have a personal computer.”
When asked why she wanted to teach computers, she said, “Computers have great importance in today’s world and I want to enable the girls around me to stand on their own feet.”
She greatly appreciates the support of her family in every endeavour, but was quick to add, “Besides my family, my teachers and friends at school are also very co-operative, they don’t let me feel disabled and interact with me normally.”
However, there are times when Tamseela does have to acknowledge her disability. “Whenever my mother is ill, I feel my weakness because I have no hands to help her with.”
The way to her house comprises a steep ascent with more than 100 steps. She hopes her exhaustive daily trek to school could get a bit shorter.
“I hope to have a girls’ school in my village because every day after climbing all those steps, I have to go to Barikot for class.”
Tamseela is also an educator herself, tutoring her siblings and a few other children from the neighbourhood as well.
“Two of our brothers regularly place in the top three at school due to her guidance during revision and homework,” said Fawad Ali Shah, her older brother.
About her demeanour, Shah said, “She is very kind and has a good relationship with everyone in the house, and she always keeps silent when she is angry because she considers disappointment
to be a sin.”
This young woman proves the power of positive thinking. “I have one message for the disabled community – never treat disability as a weakness. God created every human being with specialty and creativity.”