20 year old killed for flirting | The Playboy -- Think of your own sister's before doing so.

Maira Maryam never knew how many times before and with how many girls he had fallen in love. She could not imagine that he was just a flirt. Instead, the 17-year-old was certain that Kamran loved her so much that he could even die for her. He died but not in her love.
Kamran, 20, known to his friends as a playboy, had left his home on his motorbike on December 20 last year. It was the last time his family saw him. His worried mother, resident of sector G-6/1, lodged a complaint with the police the next day fearing he had been kidnapped.
Kamran had received a call from his maternal cousin Umair Ali Khan on his cell phone. It was an ‘invitation’.
“Bro, you have always been doing it for us but this time we have arranged a girl for you. Come to Shakarparian immediately,” Umair told Kamran.
Off he went. His friends, Umair and Muhammad Latif, waiting for him, took him to the nearby forest to ‘show’ him the girl they had arranged for him. He was asked to wait while Latif went to get her. Their third friend Hasnat, was guarding the entrance by the roadside.
And then, without a warning, Umair, his cousin, banged Kamran’s head with a cricket bat. The shocked Kamran was told Maira wanted him to die for betraying her.  “You ruined her life and I am going to kill you for that,” Umair told the almost unconscious Kamran.
Latif and Umair then stabbed Kamran and let him bleed to death. They buried his body at the site and fled the scene on Kamran’s motorbike. The nervous boys also had an accident with a car on their way. One of them called Rescue 15 from his cellphone.
After Kamran’s mother’s complaint, Aabpara Police Station chief Khalid Awan was on a look out for the boy. The first thing he did was to track the phone record of Kamran’s cell phone which led them to Umair and his friends.
The boys were questioned but they claimed ignorance of Kamran’s whereabouts. As investigation progressed, the police became certain that the boys had lied. They were brought in and interrogated.
Umair was the first one to break. He told the police that Kamran was fond of girls. He had trapped Maira for “fulfilling his sexual desires”. Once she was trapped and ‘used’, Kamran had offered her to his friends, including Umair.
Maira was not happy but had no choice as she had been blackmailed. So she decided to take revenge on Kamran. She took Umair’s help for the job after convincing him that she had fallen in love with him.
“She wanted to kill him with her own hands but I rejected the idea and assured her I will do it myself,” Umair told the police. Police have arrested all three boys and Maira. All four have confessed to their crime in front of a magistrate. Through the suspects’ information, the police have recovered Kamran’s jacket and his slippers. The body however was moved but the police remain hopeful that they will find it soon.
Published in The Express Tribune, February 12th, 2011.