Davis likely to be released in a few days: Officials

Pakistani officials in the US have said that Raymond Davis, the US consulate employee who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore last week, will be released within a few days, The Associated Pressreported on Saturday.
The officials quoted by the agency say the court may order the release of Davis soon after going through the documents that the US embassy has submitted to prove Davis’ diplomatic status. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity calling the issue sensitive.
Raymond Davis claims to be a technical officer for the US consulate in Lahore.
The US embassy said the diplomat acted in self-defence when confronted by two armed men and had every reason to believe they meant to harm him, and said arresting the diplomat was a violation of international norms and the Vienna Convention.The embassy says Pakistan should recognise his diplomatic immunity and release him immediately.
Meanwhile, an initial investigation report prepared by police claims there is no evidence that Davis killed the two men in self-defence.

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