Don't free Davis, warns ex-spy chief Liut. General (Retired) Hameed Gul

ISLAMABAD, 10 FEB: Former army officers will "take action" against the government if Pakistan releases US official Raymond Davis who shot dead two Pakistanis, ex-spy chief Mr Hamid Gul has warned.
"If the government shows any softness in the case of Davis, former army officers would play their role in the defence of national interest," Mr Gul told some 200 men and women in Islamabad yesterday.
"Enough is enough! Americans killed our men and yet our government is apologetic," Mr Gul said.
"We don't want any hostilities with the USA but we warned Americans that do not test our nerves too much," said the former head of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) who is known to be bitterly anti-America.
The arrest of Davis, an American employee of the US diplomatic mission in Pakistan, after he shot dead two Pakistani men on a motorcycle on 
27 January in Lahore, has triggered a major row between Washington and Islamabad.

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