Dream Pakistan | Maha Khan

*Just praying for changing
starving for truth,
closer to where i started
chasing after YOU* 

I used to Open my diary and find YOU right there,
Smilingly for long, i stared,
YOU  were quite intact and safe
Then to look around i dared.

 YOU and home were quite peaceful
and i was glad
What a person wants else
Seeing these both loved things never sad :)

 Life was happy and contented,
In my prayers, i had nothing to ask for
Allah blessed me with all,
and i was not craving for more :)

 Then one day I 'finally' woke up
and found my dream completely shattered,
YOU were not well
and no other happiness mattered

 I was crying,
din know what to do.
I wanted YOU back
Just the way I had YOU

 Some people around calm me
and say that  YOU will be fine,
I don know anything else but
I want reality of dream of mine.

 Cannot see YOU this way,
Cannot bear this at all.
Without YOU, i cannot survive 
and ultimately i would fall.

 Cannot YOU be back to me?
The thing is i need YOU badly
YOU are my life
and i love YOU madly

 Opening my diary still brings me back to YOU,
But that sketch now seems laughing to me
It makes fun of me and says
See the reality girl!! See!!

 YOU are not safe 
and it kills me inside.
Fake smile is something i carry,
My inner self is having a fight

 Still I don speak a word in my prayer as before,
But now smiles are dominated by tears.
Beautiful thoughts are vanished and
My peaceful sleep is supressed by my new fears.

 That beautiful picture of peace in YOU 
is no longer visible to me
People criticize YOU for being unstable
and say that YOUr placid version did flee

 Don tell me it's true, I don wanna listen
I was mad living in a fantasy?
No no no no no
YOU are born to win, and YOU will get YOUr destiny

 I trust YOU but now the time is ,
to make myself able to be trusted by YOU.
I promise i will never repeat my mistakes
I am aware to reality now and the needed, i would do

 My PAKISTAN !! You are all i have 
You know you are the best.
I had many flaws and maybe,
I don deserve you more or less :/

 I won't criticize you for all this,
because this is not Real you.
You are the sign of Islam , the peace
And i love you for being you

 I am sorry for everytime I ignored
That was atracious, I was bad
Sorry for all my mistakes,
But now i promise one day, i will make u glad

Written By Maha Khan