Pakistani Mashkoor Ahmad won the Best Research Award 2010 among more than 400 Ph.D scholars

ISLAMABAD: Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) scholar Mashkoor Ahmad has won the Best Research Award 2010 in the Department of Material Science and Engineering among more than 400 Ph.D scholars,said a press release on Tuesday.

Mashkoor Ahmed is pursuing Ph.D in Nanoscience and Technology at Tsinghua University, Beijing under Overseas Scholarships Scheme for MS/MPhil leading to Ph.D in Selected Fields (Phase-II).

Ahmad published 15 research papers in the most prestigious journals with total impact factors of 50.75.

One of his research papers entitled “ZnO based advanced functional nanostructures: Synthesis, properties and applications” has been published in the journal of Materials Chemistry, which is a widely read journal.

“My research has mainly been focused on the synthesis of novel ZnO base nanostructures and the fabrication of nanoscale devices especially towards biosensors and energy storage. I am very thankful to HEC and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission for providing me this opportunity,” Ahmad said.

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