Al-Qaeda routing money to India via Europe | al Quada in India - Wikileaks

Even as the debate over black money rages, investigators in Peru say that they have found proof that terror outfit al Qaeda is routing money to India from Europe. The Peruvian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) shared with the US that it has tracked the movement of money by al Qaeda elements to India via Peru, leaked US cables released by wikileaks have revealed. While the modus operandi has not been disclosed, a confidential US Embassy cable reveals that in December 2009, Peruvian investigators told US officials that it tracked the money transfer and noticed similar cases almost every month.
“FIU reports tracking cases similar to that of an OFAC-designated (US Office of Foreign Assets Control) al Qaeda element moving money from Europe through Lima and on to India,” the cable reads, quoting Enrique Saldivar, the head of the Peruvian FIU. It goes on to say that the country tracked similar cases at the rate of one a month. “Asked if this al Qaeda case was the first of its kind or they had seen similar cases before, Saldivar told NASOff that they see about one case a month,” it reads.