Replyin' the " Cry for help ! "

The biggest calamity of this million hit Pakistan on July 25, 2010 evening. As usual, the youth of Pakistan was among the first forces to respond to the cry of suffering people of their nation. With in 48 hours the youth of Pakistan was on field to respond the cry of help!
On July 28, 2010 a team of student who were prepared to respond to flood started working with FWO & NHA immediately after the disaster cause land sliding on a massive scale. They helped the authorities to clear the roads and rescue the tourists.
Day after it, our team was dispatched to Peshawar for "Rescue & Relief Operation" with one hundred thousand rupees of donation.
On Aug 01, 2010 another team of young patriots moved in and make there way to the flooded fields. After a long struggle, finally they met with Pakistan Army at Jirrah post. Captain Rizwan and Major Faisal gave a warm welcome to the troop and encouraged the team to move ahead. After claiming 2 mountains of average 3 Km each they reached Madyan. Without wasting time troopers headed to the camp established by the local community and Pakistan Army and helped them to solve there biggest problem of water. They installed a generator at the point that is the only source to supplying water to the whole city.
Good will of Pakistani youth was not yet finished. On Aug 07, 2010 another team reached Charsada with eatable goods (worth one hundred thousand).
Young guns of Pakistan celebrated "Independence day" Aug 14, 2010 with our effected brothers and sister, helping them distributing food items. A medical camp was also held their, free of cost check up with free medicines was just another drop into to oceans.
On Sep 2, 2010 - Students from different universities again left their homes and visited the flood hit areas in Punjab. After transforming a hired van into mobile medical camp, we headed to "Omer pur junibi". Mobile medical camp helped 2500 patients after visiting 4 camps.
We were shocked to see a hospital closed at "Omer pur junibi". The responsible doctor of that hospital was busy in his own clinic just behind the hospital and using government medicines. The blood was boiling and the feelings were uncontrollable, after a long hot discussion that hospital was opened using force and the people started to get some relief. This tour ended on Sep 6, 2010 with tears in eyes and satisfaction in hearts that at least 2500 people including women, children and men are able to get medication due to our small efforts and 110,000 PKR worth of eatable goods was also distributed by respected Dr. M Ali Bashir.
Meanwhile, 1 team was busy in Punjab another team was busy distributing eatable goods in Thatta worth one hundred thousand. This is not it, same time another place another team but same work. Sep 04, 2010 another visit to Madyan distributing cloths and prayer mats.
From Sep 12, 2010 to Sep 14, 2010 Sona wala, Ali por was the target to serve the humanity.
The best part is all of the donations were from the pocket money of students, family and friends across the globe.
This is only the relief work, Youth is ready and prepared for the upcoming challenge i.e. rehabilitation of flood effected people. Plans are being finalized. Once again we have proved; we are ready to die for our country, till our last breath and the last drop of blood in our pains we are going to serve, protect this country. Even if have to sacrifice our money, homes or life we are ready to do that.
It's time to join hands because "Together we can do wonders."