11% Pakistani Happy & 51% Sad on OBL death | Poll | Gallup Pakistan

Over half of all Pakistanis (51%) say they are sad 
about the death of Osama bin  Laden, a significant 30% 
described their emotions as unconcerned or uncommitted 
whereas 11% were happy. 

Question:  Recently Osama Bin Laden, head  of Al-Qaeda was killed in an 
operation by American soldiers in the  Pakistani city of Abbottabad. Some 
people say they are happy to hear of this news. Others say they are sad, still 
others say they are indifferent. What is your view? 

Percent of Respondents 

Happy 11%
Sad 51% 
Unconcerned/Uncommitted 30%
Don’t know/No Response 8%

Source: Gilani Research Foundation Poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan, 
the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International Association, May 7-10, 

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