Chief of the Air Staff to A Q Khan | Youm e takbeer

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mehdi Qureshi, on May 30, 1998:
“1. Pakistan’s matching nuclear response meted out to our adversary on 28 May, 1998. will, indeed, go down as a landmark in o
ur national history. On accomplishment of this feat, I salute your dynamism as the architect of Pakistan’s nuclear capability. I also compliment your dedicated team on living up to the nation’s aspirations.
“2. We have been forced by India’s imperviousness to reason and emboldened hegemony to achieve our nuclear sovereignty. In fact, nothing is superior to Pakistan’s security, and the entire Pakistan Air Force is proud of you as a national hero.
“3. I pray for your success and glory, and the greater strength of our national defence in the days to come.”

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