China stood up to ensure Pakistan security and stability | Pakistan China - Friends forever

“The Chinese side recognised the tremendous efforts and the great sacrifice that Pakistan has made in fighting terrorism and reiterated its respect and support for the efforts of Pakistan to advance its counter-terrorism strategy and safeguard its security,” the joint statement mentioned.

Pakistan and China also reiterated to continue to enhance mutual trust and cooperation in the military and security fields for peace, security and stability of the two countries and the region.

“We think there is a good deal,” said Mukhtar, who put the price of each JF-17, or Thunder, aircraft at $20-25 million “as compared to $80 million for the F16”, a US-built jet also used by Pakistan’s air force.

Mukhtar did not explicitly say whether the deal had been finalised, but it appeared that the agreement was nearing completion.

“The leaders are firmly committed to expanding and deepening the strategic partnership, economic collaboration and people-to-people contacts.”

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