Drone attacks are illegal | 50 innocent civilian die for 1 militant in drone attack

The US has turned a blind eye to international law and increased its “illegal” drone attacks on Pakistan's tribal regions, an analyst says.

“It's not right to use drones in any nation of the world to attack, using military force, it's clearly illegal under international law,” political commentator Chip Pitts told press TV in an interview.

“Under [former US] President [George W] Bush, there were many drone attacks and then President [Barack] Obama in the first year doubled them, last year he has doubled them, again to the point where now increasing numbers of civilians are dying.”

Obama ordered his first drone strike against Pakistan just 72 hours after being sworn in as president in January 2009.

According to Pakistani sources, the US drone strikes kill some 50 civilians for every militant killed.

US officials say the attacks target militants. However, the majority of the victims are civilians.

“The idea of al-Qaeda coming from Pakistan and attacking the US [forces in Afghanistan] does not mean that the US can breach Pakistani sovereignty with impunity,” Pitt said.

The issue of civilian casualties has strained relations between Islamabad and Washington.

Pakistani lawmakers have demanded an immediate end to the strikes and warned they will block the NATO supplies transport route from Pakistan to Afghanistan in case the drone attacks continue.

Pakistan is the only way through which the US can dispatch fuel and other supplies to NATO forces operating in neighboring Afghanistan.


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