If NATO / USA Can talk to taliban, why can't we ?

Is the death of Osama bin Laden a milestone for the war on terror?
Let me put this in greater perspective. We see now that bin Laden’s evil vision of creating conflict between the Muslim world and the Western world is bankrupt. The Taliban has arrived at a crossroads. They should realize there is no future for extremism. They should cut all links with Al Qaeda and terrorist organizations and engage in a constructive political process in Afghanistan. This month has also seen the Arab Spring, a wind of change blowing through North Africa and the Middle East … I’m optimistic that freedom and democracy will prevail, because freedom is the strongest force in the world. It’s a desire that resides in every human being.

Anders Rasmussen ( NATO secretary-general )

If America can start a constructive political process with Taliban, so can we ! It's our right to bring peace in our country - at any cost. 
No one got the right to tell us: what we are supposed to do and what not to do. The officials of Pakistan know, what is in interest of Pakistan and what is not.
We are crystal clear, when it comes on our national interest. 

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