ISI asks US to stop drone strikes

“We will be forced to respond if you do not come up with a strategy that stops the drone strikes,” Pasha is reported to have told Morrell.

The ISI chief also described the recent incursion by Nato helicopters into Pakistani airspace as a ‘shock’ for defence cooperation between the United States and Pakistan.
Those demands were repeated on Saturday, with Pakistani officials asking the US to provide a list of names of people who are currently employed by the CIA or other US intelligence agencies. Controversially, the ISI has asked the CIA to name Pakistanis employed by US intelligence services as well.

In order to induce US cooperation, the ISI has threatened to restrict access for all US citizens in Pakistan, including asking existing US contractors to leave the country. In recent weeks, reports have emerged of US military and intelligence personnel, as well as contractors, leaving Pakistan. The ISI made it clear that none of those leaving would be allowed to return without explicit approval by Pakistani intelligence.

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