Reality of Afghan Occupation | Not as seen on TV !

I think that NATO and American forces have conducted surgical operations strategy in Afghanistan recently, but I think this kind of strategy won't be successful on the whole because al-Qaeda fighters consist of some small groups and are not a threat to the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. 
But the Taliban have a strong presence in Afghanistan in many parts of the country and I think a surgical operations strategy will not be useful against Taliban fighters because they are controlling a huge part of the country in southern Afghanistan and have a strong presence in the north and in the east. 
So I think they do need a new strategy, but it is very difficult for NATO and the US to defeat the Taliban because the Taliban control a large part of the country and at the same are receiving support from the people of Afghanistan not only from rural areas, but from urban areas as well. For instance, in southern Afghanistan probably 85 percent to 90 percent of the people are in favor of the Taliban and are supporting them one way or another. 
In Kandahar province if we see, the security forces in Kandahar they came from other provinces and are not from the local people and because of this the Taliban have a strong influence and they can conduct very successful operations against NATO and Afghan forces in the area. 
The US has a long way to go to defeat the Taliban completely in Afghanistan, they are facing many serious security and political challenges because the ground situation is getting worse and the political situation is getting worse in the country. And the government is losing the trust of the people.
Habib Hakimi, a political analyst in Kabul 

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