KERALA, India - Father sold her daughter to 200 men for sex after raping her

KERALA, India - Police have arrested the father of a 17-year-old girl, for raping her and then selling her for sex to 200 men.
According to the BBC, the girl said she was raped, starved and then forced to have sex with other men for money.
"My father first raped me when my mum was not home. Later he started taking me out to different locations, saying I'll get a chance to act in movies," the girl told a local television channel.
The girl told police that her father, who used to do odd roles in Malayalam films, first exploited her and then let many others in the industry and outside to do the same, reported the Daily Chilli.
She said her mother found out about it but kept silent after her father threatened to kill the whole family if she told anyone. 
The girl was eventually rescued when relatives discovered her plight and informed the police.
According to reports, she is currently being treated for venereal diseases and depression at a government hospital.
The girl has named up to 70 men - including contractors, film producers, and policemen - who paid for sex with her, and police have vowed to hunt them down.
29 men were also arrested along with the father.
Dr M.K. Muneer, the minister for social welfare said the government would do whatever it can to bring her back to normal life.

"She wants to complete schooling and lead a good life. She says she was raped by 200 men."

"It is shocking and it freezes your conscience," he said.

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