Ongoing cleansing process by Pakistan Army | Extra restrictions on visas for CIA agents

CRACKDOWN: Security agencies have reportedly launched a crackdown to unearth local agents of the American spy agency.
Although the Abbottabad raid could have precipitated the action against clandestine CIA network in the country, sources say the military leadership had been mulling over it since the killing of two youth in Lahore in January by Raymond Davis, the CIA operative who was released in March.
An army officer thought the leak about arrest of CIA moles was being done as a follow-up to Mr Panetta’s failed mission to Islamabad when Gen Kayani and Gen Pasha turned down his request to allow CIA operations.
Pakistani authorities have put extra restrictions on visas for CIA agents and intelligence sharing remains on hold despite an agreement with the US for setting up a joint task force for coordination between the two intelligence agencies.

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