Pakistan has expelled another team of British military trainers from it's soil

frontier corps

Pakistan has expelled a team of British military trainers sent to help with the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaida.
The Ministry of Defence confirmed that at least 18 military advisers, deployed as part of a £15m programme to train the paramilitary Frontier Corps, have been withdrawn from Pakistan. Most are already back in the UK.
Since Bin Laden's death, Pakistan has sent home at least 120 US military trainers, most of whom were engaged in training the FC.
That programme has now virtually collapsed as US-Pakistani relations fall to their lowest point in a decade. The trouble began in January after aCIA contractor, Raymond Davis, shot dead two men in Lahore, prompting the withdrawal of a quarter of the US training force.
The reductions accelerated following the Bin Laden raid, as the military sought to signal its displeasure with its western allies – in particular the CIA.

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