Pakistani forces made it clear to Panetaa (CIA Director) ‘no boots on our soil is acceptable’ | "We told him that we are clear. We don’t want their people." Official Said

CIA director Leon Panetta, nominated to take over as defence secretary next month, arrived in Pakistan on Friday in an unannounced visit.
Panetta held talks with army chief General Ashfaq Kayani and Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, head of military intelligence.

Earlier Pakistan’s army said that it had drastically cut down on the number of US troops allowed in the country and set clear limits on intelligence sharing with the United States.
“He (Panetta) expressed concerns over the reduction of trainers and operatives. We told him very clearly ‘no boots on our soil is acceptable’,” said the Pakistani military official.
“We told him that we are clear. We don’t want their people. Intelligence sharing is fine and we are ready for that,” said another military official.

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