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Pakistani Tax Collector You forget to pay tax in the United States and by the end of the week a harsh letter will land on your doorstep.  In Karachi the metropolitan city of Pakistan, if you don’t pay your income tax, Riffee and her gang, “The Transgender Tax-Collectors”, shows up at your door with a flashy attitude and lipstick.
Officials in Karachi have hired Riffee as a tax collector-who uses her first name only-to force debtors to pay pending taxes.
Riffee and her friends Sana and Kohan are men physically men but they like to dress as women with a face powdered with make-up. Their job is pretty simple: every morning the gang gets up in the morning, gathers a list of debt payers, calls them up at their offices or home and forces them to pay.  It is not clear how effective this method is, but officials say they wouldn’t have kept going it if it wasn’t.
“Their appearance causes great embarrassment amongst the people,” said Sajid Hussein Bhatti, the tax superintendent who gives Riffee her orders every morning.
Riffee always wanted to be a transgender 10 year-old and ever since then she’s been trying to change the prejudice mentality that dwells in the society.
Barely a percent of Pakistanis pay income taxes.  That’s when Riffee comes in handy.  In a country where many say the courts are weak and the police corruptible, Riffee and the team are a last, albeit striking, resort, reports CNN.

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