Saudi Students purchased a theater and turned it into a Mosque ( Pennsylvania, America )

الجامع من الخارج Comes the story of the whole "who chose the students called the" Mosque of the Whole, "after the presentation of theater, which reaches to 800 meters for sale, and near the theater from the University of Pennsylvania, suggested that a group of students to purchase the building, and converted into a mosque large, the lack of atmosphere mosque near the university, to serve so the Saudi students who are university housing, and the Muslim community are in abundance in the region.

On a number of Saudi students on scholarships to America, the scene is located in central Pennsylvania into a mosque large are held in the five daily prayers, in addition to the Friday prayer, and serves more than 500 serum from Muslim communities, all located in the state, which includes about 700 Muslims of all nationalities .

Says Abu victor, who the work of marking the former of the mosque before it turns to work in a mosque last state of Washington, said that Saudi students and up roughly 22 students applied for the purchase of the building, which was dedicated to the establishment of plays representative about two years ago, the absence of a chapel nearby that serves the Muslim community near the University of Pennsylvania. He added that the mosque has its chapel for women, as well as toilets, and places of private lessons for the establishment of missionary service for the new Muslims in both Arabic and English. He pointed the winner of the "homeland" that he still communicates with a student donors, who lives in the city of Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia, has been assigned one of the brothers of the Moroccan community to oversee the mosque, and inform him of any shortcomings it needs the whole of the maintenance or change the furniture of the mosque, and so on. Not only the role of the Grand Mosque to pray, but the number of workers mosque to distribute free food baskets to the worshipers after spending every prayer.

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