Tribute Post : Maqbool Hussain (#335139) returned home after 40 years in Indian prison | Pakistan Army

Sepoy Maqbool Hussain....Sitara e Jurat....
Azad Kashmir Regiment.....1965 war

Sepoy Hussain, who was injured and taken prisoner by the Indian Army in the 1965 war, spent 40 years in Indian jails. He was released as a civilian prisoner in 2005. During his imprisonment, Hussain was subjected to terrible human rights abuses.

Hussain, bearing army No 335139, was hit by enemy fire on the Line of Control at the start of the 1965 war. Subsequently, he was taken prisoner by the Indian army, who denied him Prisoner of War status. Trained in the traditions of the Pakistan Army, Hussain faced all the suffering and refused to share any information about his country with his captors,they terribly tortured him— so much that they cut his tongue....when they cut out his tongue, he wrote ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ (long live Pakistan) with his own blood on the walls of the jail. Hussain also became mentally ill during his four decades of incarceration.
Hailing from Azad Kashmir, and engaged to Naseeran Bibi before joining army, Hussain’s aging mother kept waiting for his return after the war but he di"nt return. When she died, Hussain’s mother was buried at the entrance of the village at her request, so that she could ‘meet’ her son when he returned.
He returned 40 years later in 2005 from Indian imprisonment...without his tongue and mentally ill....
The Chief Of Army Staff Gen Kayani,in recognation to his services,extreme devotion to the country and valour awarded him Sitara e Jurat.