Asim for his awaited angel ! | Help us save an innocent life

For most, life starts at the age of late teens, when youth is at its full swing
and a young ambitious boy is ready to hit the streets for joy; life.
What if instead of youthful spring come a deadly disease, forcing one to
stay on bed with the bed sheet soaked in its own blood? One can’t move on
its own and need two people to make him sit? Scared?

Yasir, a young boy from the streets of Peshawar, who works as a
salesman in Sadar for living, got caught with blood cancer, forcing him to
spend this summer in the crowded government
hospital of Islamabad. Without knowing the fact
that he’s disease is deadly.

Asim, his brother trying 24/7 to make sure that
Yasir sees the next winter. He dreams of a
miracle, so that his beloved brother can stand by
his feet on his own, once again and help him to
support his family.

Feelings to stand tall, beside your healthy brother
are something I can never have because of the fact
that I don’t have one. But Asim got Yasir, sleeping
away from his arms in front of his own eyes.

“No one deserves to die just because they are poor.”

He believe that someday, someone, he never met before, will come into his
life to help him and be a savior to his brother; yasir.

One can easily see the eyes of him awaited for that angel. While, Yasir
fighting the battle for life, Asim treats every guest as his awaited angel.
His eyes expand and become sharper, his heart starts to pump more
blood; he comes alive hearing someone is willing to save his brothers live.
Asim knows, one day his brother will get well and he will be walking with him home.
Carpenters can’t fix the broken cars.

He appeals for help with sorrow, hiding the fact that he can’t afford the right doctor; the doctor of Asim is not a Specialist!

I repeat, Carpenters can’t fix the broken cars.

Pakistani Youth (info@pakistaniyouth), a youth organization is trying to save his life.