Photo exhibit shows alleged US drone strike deaths | “This is another terrible US policy in the war on terror.”

“I have tried covering the important but uncovered and unreported truth about drone strikes in Pakistan: that far more civilians are being injured and killed than the Americans and Pakistanis admit,” said Noor Behram, a 39-year-old photographer who has worked with several international news agencies.

US officials “don’t see that they target one house and along with it, two or three adjoining houses also get destroyed, killing innocent women and children and other totally impartial people,” Behram told reporters in Islamabad on Monday.

It is often difficult to verify who is killed in the strikes because the areas where they occur are dangerous and off-limits to foreign journalists. News agencies often rely on local intelligence officials to determine who perished in a strike.

“I hate to expose the world to pictures of a child with his head blown half off, but that is what the US military calls ‘collateral’ damage,” said Smith.“This is another terrible US policy in the war on terror.”

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