Female student from the tribal regions in Pakistan tops intermediate examinations

Swat: “Determination can defeat every power in the world,” says Seema Gul, a female student who has taken first place in intermediate exams.
Women in Pakistan are progressing day by day.  Two days ago it was Saima Anwer, the first female lawyer from Swat, who made the headlines.
Now, it’s Seema Gul, a young girl who has topped the intermediate exams in the humanities group.
Gul is a student at Government Girls Degree College Saidu Sharif and gave the exams after getting married.  She ranked first in the exams among all female students.
The girl’s education does not stop here; she said she wants to pursue further education and is determined to challenge anything that comes in her way. She even quotes herself when she says,“Determination can defeat every power in the world.”
A total of 30,650 students appeared in the intermediate examinations in which 57.18 per cent were declared successful, reports The Express Tribune.
Gul does not make the militancy and extremism in the region an excuse to not pursue education.  She says, “I never stopped studying even though there was fear everywhere. I am thankful to my parents and teachers who supported me.”
Gul’s husband Khalilullah, while talking to The Express Tribune at the award distribution ceremony, said, “This is a moment of great pleasure for me and I want Gul to pursue further education.”
Gul added, “In my view both girls and boys should be treated equally and should be allowed to follow their dreams.”
She regretted how international media presented Swat in a negative way. “We are not extremists. We believe in peace and harmony and one day we will show that to the whole world,” she said.

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