All Pakistani Politicians are anti-Pakistan | Where is the establishment and Youth forces ?!

All Pakistani politicians are anti-Pakistan and working on foreign agenda; to break Pakistan into pieces. 
Before starting let me clear it 'Pakistan will stay till the judgement day, dare not to work against him. History proves very one who worked against Pakistan gets death of a dog.'
28/8/2011 press conference raised many serious questions. One point of view, I already expressed earlier was that it was an excellent political shot played by President of Pakistan & Co-Chair person of Pakistan People's Party.
Mr. Mirza cleared that he informed everyone including senior leadership of his party; Pakistan People's party and other security agencies including ISI.
His one press conference made him a instant hero on social media. Unfortunately, few know he's also a-part of anti-Pakistan force.
He very clearly says We would have torn Pakistan in pieces and we have the capability to do that. So it's very clear he's not a pro-Pakistani.

It's not the first time any politician gave a silent signal and expressed his dreams and good will for enemies of Pakistan, who never accepted Pakistan till now. The Times of India quoted Nawaz Sharif May 18, 2011, under the title 'India is not enemy No. 1, Sharif tells Pak':
Islamabad must stop treating New Delhi as its "biggest enemy"

Several news agencies quoted Nawaz Sharif on August 15th, 2011:
While speaking to party workers he said that Sharif on one side gave the advice that Pakistan should withdraw her principled stance on Kashmir and on the other hand he breached the two nation theory by saying that India and Pakistan have same language and culture. 
He's one of the biggest supporter of 'SAFMA'. This article was Published in The Express Tribune, August 16th, 2011.

Addressing a seminar organised by the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) in Lahore over the weekend, PML-N leaderNawaz Sharif surprisingly said some very laudable and perhaps remarkable things on relations between Pakistan and India. In fact, if one analyses his remarks, one will find things said that most politicians would be afraid to say in public, perhaps out of fear from hawks, conservatives and the strong anti-India lobby that is found in many sections of society, in particular in the civil-military establishment and the media.
Mr Sharif said that India and Pakistan had a common heritage of culture, that even their language and eating habits are similar. He said India should have built a motorway from the Wagha border-crossing to Calcutta and the two countries should have traded. When he constructed the motorway it was his plan to take it to Kabul via Peshawar as well as to Gwadar and Tashkent. He told the audience that Atal Behari Vajpayee had suggested announcing 1999 as the year for resolving the Kashmir dispute but his government was toppled that year. As for Kargil, he hoped that someday an independent and impartial inquiry would decide the truth about what had happened. Mr Sharif also said that instead of competing in the manufacture and acquisition of weapons, Pakistan and India should compete economically. If India buys a tank, Pakistan does the same and this comes at the expense of our social sector and infrastructure, he said.
On the issue of culture between Pakistan and India, Mr Sharif said that hating a community which had a culture similar to ours meant in effect hating a part of ourself. To this we would say that those who think of Pakistan from the outside know that the current crises faced by the country stem from its persistence in the ‘ideologically’ ingrained but unrealistic policy towards India. Pakistan’s obsession with Afghanistan — the pathology of having a ‘friendly’ government there — is nothing but a corollary of the policy of  ‘strategic depth’.
In an interview with Wall Street Journal in 2008 President of Pakistan; Asif Ali Zardari Said:
India has never been a threat to Pakistan, and that militants in Indian-administered Kashmir are terrorists.
Rehman Malik owns and run a private spy agency in London. See this detailed report by Dawn News.