Do something for Aafia this Eid | Write a post card !

In any year there will be Muslims who are unable to celebrate with family and friends. Many of them tell stories of injustice and oppression that we as individuals can do nothing to correct. However, as individuals we can ease some of the suffering that others endure.

If you have managed to find this page, I don’t need to repeat the story of Dr. Aafia. None of us can bring her home for Eid with her children and her mother.

There is something you can do: send her a postcard. It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Aafia is partial to nature scenes. You can’t talk about her case, but there isn’t that much room on a postcard, so any message would have to be short. All you really need to write is:

Dear Aafia, We believe you. We are praying for you and your children and your mother. Ramadan & Eid Mubarak.

It will take you longer to break your fast than it will to write this on a postcard and put a stamp on it, but the joy it will bring to Aafia will last longer than filling an empty stomach.
Aafia’s address is:
Aafia Siddiqui
P.O. BOX 27137