Excellent initiative by Team Awesome and HS Productions; Sing for Pakistan | Video

'Sing for Pakistan' excellent initiative by Team Awesome and HS Productions. Recent video release by them is of Pakistanies from various fields of life; Students, Mothers, Shop-keepers, Actors, children etc.. They are the students of Iqra University. Their first video was 'Karachi City Duck Sauce'.

In description of the video uploaded on Youtube, they (team) writes:

We decided to make a video for our beloved country and it's people. We are a proud nation and we stand united, through thick and thin, be it for better or worse, we are one. 

We need more student like them, this is not just a piece/blog, I wrote in 5 minutes. It's called effort and hard work, after working on streets and interacting with people.

In one word the effort made by 'Team Awesome and HS Productions' can be described as 'fantabulous'.

Video is dedicated to fellow citizens... Enjoy !!!