If you too are a crazy fan of 'Pakistan Air Force' like me | YOU CANNOT MISS THIS POST !!!

Qais Hussain with his damaged aircraft during the 1965 war: "I had my share of hits also but was lucky to survive to tell the story today... This was the toughest landing and possibly the worst damaged aircraft that came back after being hit by Indian Ack Ack in '65. The date was September 23, time around 1PM and the ceasefire was declared by Ayub Khan while I was still in the air trying to land this aircraft... I still remember our driver Sher Khan, a Kashmiri lad who came running towards my aircraft with a glass of leemonpani and crying. I had jumped off after stopping this Saber a foot short of the barrier and was running for my life, because smoke was emitting through the hole in the wing when Sher Khan met me. I did the air test on this aircraft the next morning... "