Pakistani pilot writes after 46 years to daughter of Indian pilot he shot down

Pakistani soldiers are not just the best warriors but also exceptional humans. Qais Hussain former Pakistan Air Force pilot who hunted down an Indian plane on orders in 1965 recently wrote to Farida Singh, daughter of the Indian Air Force pilot Jahangir “Jangoo” Engineer who was flying that India aircraft he shot down 46 years ago. 

He wrote an e-mail with subject 'Condolence' on August 5,2011 on humane gesture, expressing his condolences and providing details of the circumstances under which he shot down the Indian aircraft.

It is said "Everything is fair in love and war" Shooting down the plane was a war gesture and fair by all means, the plane was deviated from it's path and was in Pakistani territory.    

It was not the case, that he knew about the family and yet waited for more than half a decay to write to them. First, hesearched the family then he wrote, this is an-exceptional move by a soldier to the daughter of that enemy he shot down. 

It proves; when it comes to defend the country our warriors are fierce but when it comes to humanity and peace same soldier express and explains his act as an humane gesture.

Salute to the mothers who gave birth to the lions, who defend not only a country but dignity of being human.