People shows concern on the security of nukes in Britain

"I am seriously concerned about the safety of Nuclear Devices in Great Britain. The terrorists have shown how they can destroy a city like London in a few hours. If the nukes get into their hands they could wreck havoc. UK needs to DO MORE for the safety of its nukes and assure Muslims in general and Pakistan in Particular that its nukes are in safe hands and it has a proper command & control system in place"

Definitely; Britain is not doing more as was expected to help safeguard the world from the terrorism. “Britain must do more”, demand must be addressed by all governments of effected and non-effected states, especially Pakistan and the Islamic countries.

Muslims and the world states are concerned and worried about Britain’s home-grown terrorists and terrorism that has destabilised UK and its infrastructures for the worst.

The Muslims and the world states now are also worried and concerned of UK’s uncontrolled terrorism escalation to the parts of European states, i.e. France, Germany, Holland, Poland, and Spain. Britain must do more to make sure the safety of the people’s lives and the safety of its neighbouring countries.

UK’s worsening situations have put a big question mark on the safety of its nuclear facilities; now the terrorists/rioters could not be any further from Britain’s nuclear facilities, as feared by the most people in world.