US military aircraft forced to land in Pakistan !

Karachi: A US military cargo  aircraft was forced to land in Karachi at the Jinnah International Airport on the orders of the Pakistan Air Force, sources said on Wednesday.
According to the sources, the Russian-made plane was forced to land in Karachi on the basis of intelligence information provided by the Air Intelligence.
Geo TV reported that the plane is used for Nato supplies. The plane took off from Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan and was flying towards Al-Makhtum Airport in Dubai.
The crew of the aircraft was being interrogated till the filing of this report.
Pakistan suspended Nato supplies after a cross border US raid on its check-posts in Mohmand Agency November last year that killed two dozen Pakistani troops.
Islamabad had linked the resumption of Nato supplies with unconditional US public apology over the raid. The unpopular government in Islamabad seems reluctant to reopen Nato supply routes amid anti-American sentiments prevailing in the country ahead of next general election.
In the meantime, President Obama is also facing the same process this November and  doesn’t want to tender an apology after he tendered one over the desecration of the Holy Quran at the hands of US soldiers in Afghanistan.