Pakistani girl sets world records in fastest chess setup

Lahore: A Pakistani girl on Sunday set a new world record in fastest chess setup during the Punjab Youth Festival 2012.
Mehar Gul, the 12-year-old girl, has setup a complete chess in 45 seconds to set a world record. The adjudicators of Guinness World Records (GWR), who were also present during the event, have also confirmed the record.
Earlier, Taekwondo Black Belt holder Ahmad Amin Bodla also broke the world record for the most number of martial arts kicks by hitting 616 kicks in three minutes while  another youngster Noman Anjum set a new world record in plug wiring by compling his task of plug wring in 35 seconds.
On Saturday, thousands of Pakistanis sang their way into the GWR by singing their national anthem in unison at the festival.

Pakistanis break world record of most-people singing national anthem !