Peshawar boy kicks his way into Guinness World Records

LAHORE: Ahmed Bodla set a new world record on Sunday for kicking 617 times in three minutes, Express News reported.
Hailing from Peshawar, 19-year-old Bodla kicked a punching bag 617 times and was observed by the Guinness World Record team, which declared him successful.
The victorious record breaker, while speaking to the media revealed that his knee was injured and bandaged but despite the injury, he wanted to compete for the title.
“India keeps challenging us on social media websites like Facebook and it’s a good thing that are competing with them,” said Bodla.
He dedicated his victory was one for all Pakistanis.
He said, “I guarantee that the next time I will make a better record.”
Athletes and participants from different cities have gathered at Lahore Expo Centre today in order to attempt breaking 13 records, followed by Saturday’s triumph of setting a world record of singing the national anthem simultaneously.
As many as 44,200 Pakistanis sang the national anthem together at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, breaking India’s record.

Pakistanis break world record of most-people singing national anthem !