Safety Measures on Voting Day.

• Visit your concerned Polling station early morning (Polling starts at 8am and will continue till 5pm).

• Must take water, biscuits and sweets along, as you might get stranded in long queues.

• Park your vehicle well away from the Polling Station.

• Identify escape routes and safe places in case of an emergency.

• Do NOT handover your CNIC to any stranger.

• Crowded places are hunting grounds for pickpocketers, therefore secure your belongings. Avoid heavy crowded Polling stations

• Do NOT carry items you don’t need (credit cards, debit cards, other valuable items).

• Educate children over 18 years, not to indulge in any unnecessary arguments with political parties and their youth wings.

• Avoid entering Polling station with your spouse or all family members together. Try splitting in groups.

• Avoid taking your minor children along.

• Avoid unnecessary arguments with following people: Election Commission/Polling Staff LEAs Political workers etc.

• Avoid visiting Polling stations where there is no sign of Law Enforcement Agencies.

• Do NOT take your cellular phone as it is not allowed. Keep them at home as most likely cellular services will be jammed on Election Day

• Keep Emergency cash at home – ATMs could be out of cash.

• Avoid all crowds and public gatherings to mitigate risk of exposure to incidental violence.

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